Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination

Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination

Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination comes from the flowering herb Phyllanthus amarusis which is found in India. Practitioners of the Ayurvedic medicine used this herb most of the time to treat liver problems. Ayurvedic is a medical discipline from India that is practiced for the past 5,000 years. This ancient medical practice focuses on the five ‘elements’: ether, air, fire, earth and water. It also focuses on the three doshas: Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Aurvedic medical practitioners tried to make a balance combination among these three components using herbs, massage, oils, nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation. It is a huge proponent of health of mind and body. And it provides guidance to people regarding food and lifestyle so that healthy people remains healthy. And for those with health problems, they could have the chance to improve their health conditions.

Recently, scientists found the Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination to be effective in treating the virus that caused hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is a chronic ailment which can potentially cause serious liver inflammation that caused jaundice, fatigue and other conditions. Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination is believed to have other substances that may protect the liver. Some clinical trials do not support the fact that phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination can effectively curb hepatitis B infection. But there are clinical trials that do furnish proof to the effectiveness of phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination. A study conducted in 1988 involving 37 chronic hepatitis B carriers, it was found out that 59% of those who took phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination for 30 days showed no noticeable levels of the major blood marker for the virus which is known to be connected with hepatitis B called Hepatitis B surface antigen, within 20 days after the treatment. As compared to the minimal 4% of those comprising the placebo group that showed similar improvements.

Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination can also be derived from Phyllantus species that are found in China, Cuba, Nigeria and Philippines. In China, it is often referred to as Phyllanthus niruri. In the United States you can find herbal medicines that use phyllantus alone in the formulation. Some herbal products do offer both Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination. The traditional Ayurvedic liver-support herbs used are Pirorhiza kurroa and Raphnus sativa.

Small clinical trials conducted throughout the years showed that Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination also helps control the blood pressure and reduce the blood sugar levels of the afflicted person. As of this time, there are no known drugs or nutrient interaction that is linked with Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combinations. The herbal medicine is generally safe to consume. But the Ayurvedic liver support combination could have possible drug interactions. It is better to take necessary precautions. Long-term use of Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination according to studies conducted by small clinical trials through the years showed that there are no side effects associated with Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination. To treat hepatitis, take 1 pill of each Phyllanthus/Ayurvedic liver support combination three times a day for it to be effective.

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