Pygeum africanum

Pygeum africanum is a tall evergreen tree. Traditional African medicine, make a tea from the evergreen tea (Pygeum africanum ) to control the urinary conditions in men. The powdered bark of the herbal medicine was first used by the Africans as a tea to relieve urinary disorders. European scientists were so impressed with the pygeum’s actions that they began to conduct clinical investigations about its components. As a result, the development of the modern lipophilic (fat-soluble) extract was made and is used today. Chemical analysis conducted led to the discovery of the active components that of Pygeum africanum. These are: phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol, which have anti-inflammatory effects that interfere with the formation of prostaglandins that have the tendency to accumulate in the prostate of men in benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Another component is the pentacyclic terpenses that have anti-edema or decongesting effect. And finally, it contains the ferulic esters which indirectly regulate testosterone activity in the prostate which lessens the risks of BPH. These effects only manifest in test-tube studies conducted. The result still needs to be tried on humans. The herbal medicine also proved successful in treating BPH when combined with nettle root. Long-term studies usually about six months or more about the effects of Pygeum africanum is still to be conducted.

Pygeum africanum is currently being used as a popular herbal supplement in different parts of the world in treating the benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. This condition is characterized by enlargement of prostate gland that causes problems in urinating. It mostly affects men above 50 years old and causing them to have urinary problems. In Europe, Pygeum africanum has been approved to be used as treatment for mild to moderate BPH since the early 1970s. The bark works by reducing inflammation, promoting urination, getting rid of the prostate of cholesterol deposits that occur with BPH. Consequently, the BPH symptoms get eased up. Pygeum africanum is currently being studied for its potential to cure impotence and male infertility. Western countries formulation for Pygeum africanum include tablet or tincture form. It is necessary to look into the label before using any Pygeum africanum products. Make sure that the extract of the plant contains the standard 13% of total sterols. Pygeum africanum is commonly combined with other herbs that benefit the prostate such as saw palmetto and nettle.

There are no known drugs or nutrient interactions associated with Pygeum africanum. But you need to exercise caution in using the herbal medicine especially when it comes to prostate conditions. Make sure that it is first examined by a doctor to rule out other complications. Don’t do any self-treatment without referring to a professional. The symptoms of a prostate condition are often manifested by trouble urinating and having to awake several times just to urinate. In rare instances, one can experience stomach upset and nausea when taking Pygeum africanum. To treat impotence, take 50-100 mg. twice daily between meals or ½ tsp. liquid extract twice daily. To treat prostate problems, take 50-100 mg twice daily or 30-45 drops of liquid extract twice daily.


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