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It was 2003, my daughter was just 2 years old and she was sick. I have always been into herbal and natural healing methods and because of this as well as some personal and religious beliefs my wife and I tried never to go to a hospital, doctor or to use pharmaceutical drugs. I was training to be a certified herbalist and it was a cold winter day when my daughter woke and started showing signs of illness. First she would cough and sneeze, which usually means a cold. I immediately started treating the cold with lemon grass tea and some licorice root tea for a sore throat, then she came down with a fever.

Anytime someone develops a fever it becomes an internal infection problem. Now as an herbalist and medical specialist of the USA, I knew that she had to be started on antibiotics. A great all natural antibiotic is Echinacea tea. There are many others but I love to use Echinacea tea for the small ones and garlic capsules for the adults, and a little Echinacea tea would just make it better. We treated her as we should, watching the fever, bringing it down when to high with cool compresses and cool drinks. Three days later she started coughing up phlegm and her cough became deep. I knew we were in for the long haul.


Sure enough upon inspection with the stethoscope from my medical kit her lungs made the sound of rails. Now in the medical field we know this sound as Pneumonia, almost 100%. No matter what, it was a lung infection and the antibiotics would need to be strong and long. So the remedy we started using was Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) at 15 drops in a warm cup of Echinacea tea for dose one and then 10 drops of GSE in a warm Echinacea tea three times a day for as long as needed, as long as progress was being made. With this strong herbal concoction we were able to win this battle.

It was just three days later that we started seeing some drastic changes in her. Fever would come and go, she smiled again and started having times of feeling better. Five days later, she was clear in her lungs and the cough had all but gone away, the fever too. At 7 days she was all better! Now can pharmaceutical drugs do that? Well as I was not raised on the knowledge that my daughter has had the ability to be raised on, I know that the usual antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs will not work that fast and will not work without the side effects.

The GSE and Echinacea blend works with no side effects and is a whole lot less expensive than drugs. Since this learning experience I have based every illness on this blend as a treatment. With my family I have cured myself, my daughter and my wife of all sorts of illnesses that require an antibiotic. As for me and my family we will stand firm on this herbal treatment and use it when ever the need arises, which thankfully, these days are not to many times.

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