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The brain is a complex mechanism that controls a huge part of our body. It includes the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves. If you have more or less than enough of a specific transmitter, the brain chemistry can be disrupted and this will affect not only the mental faculties but also the emotional balance and the entire body as well. Take for instance, a neurotransmitter called serotonin which functions include: promotes sleep, lowers pain sensitivity, hinders aggression and acts as antidepressant. Problems such as prolonged stress and inflammatory bowel disease can change the levels of accessible neurotransmitters.

Since the central nervous system controls a number of functions, problems with it can cause headaches, depression and pain. But there are mental herbal products that can hasten treatment of the central nervous system conditions. There are also mental herbal products that improve memory. The main cause for age-related memory problems is arteriosclerosis. This condition slows the flow of blood to the brain. Consequently, this causes a problem because the brain requires 20 percent of the total oxygen carried in the blood to function properly.

Recently, in a study funded by the National Institute of Aging, it was found out that memory loss can be prevented according to Stanford University psychiatrist Jerome Yesavage, M.D. Some mental herbal product helps promote mental alertness and boost memory. Clinical studies that the four Gs –ginkgo, ginseng, Siberian ginseng and gotu kola are all mental herbal product that has the capacity to enhance mental abilities such as concentration, aptitude, behavior, alertness and even intelligence. In Russia, people with senility or mental disorders due to atherosclerosis were given the mental herbal product, Siberian ginseng, for one to three months. Most participants experienced an improved memory.

In India, gotu kola is used as a brain tonic. Indians call gotu kola as brahmi which means ‘the highest order’. But the most popular mental herbal product for memory is ginkgo biloba. A number of studies were conducted in Germany and France to test its effectiveness as mental herbal product. Ginkgo is an effective mental herbal product because it boosts the brain’s ability to use oxygen. In treating Alzheimer’s, aside for the four G’s herbs, scientists are also interested in using Chinese herb club moss which is a mental herbal produced used to promote circulation.

The following is a mental herbal product:

Memory Tincture

1 teaspoon each tinctures of Siberian ginseng root

½ teaspoon each tinctures of gotu kola leaves

Combine ingredients. Take half a dropperful a few times a day. Take extra tincture an hour or so before an exam or at any time you need extra focus.


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