The benefits of Amaranth herbal!

Amaranth comes from the Greek word meaning ‘unwithering’. In old tradition, amaranth was considered sacred to god Artemis, as a symbol of immortality and used in pagan burial ceremonies and served many other purposes. It was dubbed as the miracle grain. This staple food of the Aztec empire was ‘lost’ for hundreds of years and thought to be extinct until it was rediscovered in the sixties. It has been grown in the United States. It contains essential amino acid lysine. The tiny seeds of the plant are also rich source of iron. It also contains fiber, copper and magnesium. It can be cooked alone or with grains such as brown rice or buckwheat. Amaranth seeds may come in buff to dark purple color. Other common names for amaranth are lady bleeding, love-lies-bleeding, lovely bleeding, pilewort, prince’s feather, red cockscomb and others. It is often found in the tropics in tropical America, India, Africa and Java.

Amaranth herbal is used by Native Americans as an antidote to snake poison, for contraception and to stop menstruation. The medicinal part used in amaranth herbal is the flowering herb. This part contains mucilage and sugar. Amaranth herbal is available in the following formulations: extract and dried. If used for external applications, it is used as wash for sores and ulcers, for tick bites and reduces tissue swelling from sprains. As a douche, it is used for leucorrhea. It can be used as a gargle to treat ulcerated conditions of throat and mouth.


Amaranth herbal is known to act as the following:

Alterative which pertains to the ability of amaranth herbal to change unhealthy conditions and restore them to normal body functions by improving nutrition. Astringent is a property of amaranth herbal that contracts organic tissue, reduces secretions or discharge mucous and fluid from the body. Diaphoretic is the ability of amaranth herbal to promote sweating. Diuretic is amaranth herbal property that increases urine flow cleansing the urinary system. Stimulant is capacity of amaranth herbal to excite the functional activity of the tissues lending more energy. Tonic is another amaranth herbal property that strengthens the organism giving it a feeling of well-being.

Amaranth herbal treats the following ailments:


Spitting of blood

Menorrhagia or excessive menstruation




Stomach influenza

Pregnant and lactating women must not use amaranth herbal to prevent any side effects.


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