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Are you familiar with celery? Celery is actually a widely known vegetable that grows upright and it usually takes two seasons for it to complete its life cycle. It is a member of the Umbelliferous family along with fennel, carrots, and parsley. The contemporary celery plant is indigenous to Mediterranean where the celery seeds were once highly revered as a medicine. And like the traditional medicines, the modern clinical trials are now maintaining the health benefits of this typical herb.

Today, celery is known to have produced celery extracts that can be applied for medicinal purposes. Most of its parts, where the celery extracts are taken, like the celery stalks, celery seeds, celery root, celery juice, and celery oil are also used to treat a variety of disorders.

Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix / freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix / freedigitalphotos.net

Despite the appearances, the celery seeds that are gathered from the white flowers that usually bloom in summer are steam-distilled to create a special tonic. Its seeds, oil, and stalks are even applied to flavor the sauce, soups, and sausage. In fact, the perfume industry determines the celery extract from the seeds as excellent in fragrances, and greatly the pharmaceutical establishments use the oil as well. With such fact, the celery extract from its seeds is now commonly cultivated in France where celery extract gets a high reputation from the perfume industry along with the food industry where it is added to soaps and skin care products.

Due to the useful celery extracts, this said “celery cures” were became widely well-known in the late 19th century for treating particular disorders like bladder and kidney ills. The patterns for this claim are some animal studies which demonstrate that the celery extract do boost the bladder and kidneys to exert more urine. With this effect, celery extract is known to be diuretic. It is no doubt therefore that celery extract is known to be useful for relieving urinary tract infections. However, whether this really happens in any way, human do need validation and confirmation from such beneficial effect.

Celery extract is also applied for another complaint for rheumatic disorders like arthritis and gout. It is believed that celery extract contains valuable oil that is responsible for its helpful actions. The oil in the celery extract has antioxidant properties, which inhibits oxidation or reactions that are driven by oxygen and peroxides. Aside from that, the celery extract is antiseptic that it has a substance that is capable of destroying the micro-organisms that transports diseases without risking the body tissues and the celery extract is considered to be anti-rheumatic.

Traditionally and modernly, the herbalists are known to suggest drinking tea that contains celery extract from seed along with other herbs such as cayenne pepper, white willow, meadowsweet, feverfew, and thyme for believing that these may aid anti-inflammatory effects. Most of the herbalists then suggest soups as an ideal means of consuming such ingredients for some health objectives.

Celery extract is also associated with purifying the blood for it creates greater urinary results and relive inflammation and muscle tremors as an effect of its antiseptic potency. Today, there is still no known drug or nutrient interactions that are related with celery extracts. For its multiple benefits, celery extract definitely deserves further studies for further findings.

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