Naringin – a flavonoid compound that is found in grapefruit!

Naringin is a flavonoid compound that is found in grapefruit. The characteristic bitter flavor of grapefruit is cause by naringin. To obtain the desired degree of bitterness, grapefruit processors select fruits with low naringin content and blend juices from different grapefruit varieties.

Naringin are also used in inhibiting cancer-causing compounds and contains potential chemotherapeutic value. In recent studies conducted naringin interferes with the enzymatic activity in the intestines with the breakdown of certain drugs results in the higher blood levels of the drug. Naringin in grapefruit affects a number of drugs such as calcium channel blockers, estrogen, sedatives, medications for high blood pressure, allegies, AIDS and cholesterol-reducing drugs. Effects of caffeine or caffeine levels are also extended by consuming grapefruit or grapefruit juice.

Since the effect of naringin in grapefruit on the metabolism of drug could increase the drug’s effectiveness, it also results in dosages that are inadvertently too high. It is therefore recommended not to take any drug with grapefruit juice unless the resulting drug interaction is known. Effects of drinking grapefruit juice are also cumulative which means for instance, if you drank a glass of grapefruit juice daily together with your medication for three days. The drug interaction is stronger at the end of the week than at the beginning.

Naringin displays many other characteristics in which some makes it suitable to be included in the ingredients list of a number of popular fat burners. Some evidence point out that the effects and levels of caffeine can be extended when consumed with naringin. Since around 99% if the fat burners in the market today contain caffeine (derived from natural sources such as Kola nut, Yerba mate, Green tea and many others) and caffeine does show thermogenic or fat burning properties, naringin will obviously extend the caffeine’s effects.

Image courtesy of Suat Eman /

Image courtesy of Suat Eman /

Naringin also shows some cholesterol-lowering effects which is a desired feature for dieters. Naringin is also an aldose reductase inhibitor which aids in combating retinal disease in diabetics.

When consumed, naringin exhibits the following effects:

Protects against toxins in chemotherapy drugs and environment

Increases lipid metabolism

Increases ethanol metabolism

Decreases negative effects of ethanol intake

Acts as free radical scavenger

Decreases cytotoxicity

Acts as antioxidant

Acts as anti-apoptotic

Protects from carcinogenic matter

Reduce risks of atherosclerosis

Inhibits LDL oxidation

Treats gastric lesions

Inhibits Sindbis neurovirulent virus

Reduces total cholesterol levels

Protects plasma vitamin E levels

Prevents hypercholesterolemia

Anti-atherogenic properties


Natural Grapefruit juice contains 500 – 800 mg/litre of naringin. For those on a diet or fat loss program, take 200-300 ml of grapefruit juice (100-150 mg. naringin) together with 200-350 mg caffeince. Drink two or more glasses of grapefruit juice over the day every four hours. Total calories and carbohydrates of grapefruit juice drinks must be taken into account when undergoing a fat loss program. Using dried grapefruit peel can give high concentrations of Naringin without the accompanying carbohydrates and calories.

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